• Question: hi how are you? What does not make white blood cells do there job

    Asked by kiwi to Kylie on 21 Jun 2016.
    • Photo: Kylie Belchamber

      Kylie Belchamber answered on 21 Jun 2016:

      Good question!
      So smoking is the worst thing! Because the white blood cells live in your lungs, when you breathe in smoke it can damage them. If you smoke for years, all the damage will stop the cells from working, so they cannot kill the bacteria that infects your lungs, and you end up with lots of infections, and your lungs start to break down. It is not a nice disease. I’m trying to find out how this happens to see if we can stop it.

      Other things can also stop them. HIV infects the T cells, which are a type of white blood cell. It basically kills them off. If you don’t have any T cells, you can get really bad infections from bacteria or other viruses. This is why HIV is so bad, it destroys your immune system!

      I hope that answers your question!